Monday, February 24, 2014

With the Sochi Winter Olympics coming to a close, a number of people aren't pleased with the results. As it stands now, Russian will come out on top with the US in second and Norway in Third. The reason many aren't so pleased with the results are because of the rumor that it was "fixed". On more than one occasion, especially in the women's' figure skating category, there have reports that the events have been fixed. One example is of Adelina Sotnikova who bested the anticipated winner and favorite Kim Yuna for the gold meddle in women's figure skating. They say that Yuna skated far better and even flawless, compared to Sotnikova. It doesn't help that one of the judges who scored the event was Russian Alla Shekhovtseva, who is the wife of Valentin Piseev, the president and general director of the Russian Skating Federation. This as well as a few other cases such as the Russian mens Luge team also being accused of cheating has plagued the sporting event in the past couple of weeks.

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