Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sochi Guests shouldn't poop on Russia's Rug!

I had noticed on social media sites, there was a lot of complaint from western travelers in Sochi over accommodations in particular during the Olympics the past two weeks.  Despite the fact I am not Russian, knowing more about the culture as a whole has allowed me to recognize the complaints derive mainly from a lack of understanding of Russian culture and lifestyle/ situation, and or people taking joy in poking fun at the misfortune of others.  This article was written as a response to the extreme bashing of Russian lifestyle commenting on the fact that "You don't come into someone's house as a guest and then poop on their rug." It makes the point that just because a different country or place or people do not do things the way you expect or are used to, does not necessarily give you the right to use slander to damage a reputation because you disagree with the way something is.  As a population we ought to take into consideration the context and culture we are putting ourselves in, and if we fail to show ourselves approved, it looks much more foolish and inconsiderate on our part than on the hosts part.  We have a tendency to focus on the negative parts of an experience than on the positive parts, and we need to learn to recognize what is most important in a situation or visitation! We also need to be sensitive to the fact living conditions in another country may not be up to the standards of living int he western world, and instead of complaining profusely we ought to consider the effect those living conditions have on the native people and have more of a concern rather than an attitude about it!


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