Thursday, December 4, 2014

Freezing Sochi!!!

           Sochi would not have been the most obvious place to host the Winter Olympics. This Russian resort is humid and has a subtropical climate. The temperature in the winter averages about 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Hosting the Winter Olympics in Sochi has cost Russia about $51 billion. Quite a bit of this money has gone to dealing with the weather. The management team made a comprehensive plan however to make sure that snow is guaranteed. They implemented one of the largest snow making systems in Europe, including 400 snow canons installed along the slopes. In case that wasn't enough they literally collected 710,000 cubic meters of snow and kept it packed tight until it was needed. They do not even plan to dismantle them after the Olympics. They plan to keep the systems in order to extend the ski season in the Rosa Khutors Mountains.

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