Thursday, December 4, 2014

Let's Talk About Food: Тушеная Капуста и Ватрушки

Тушеная Капуста
      One of the many activities I enjoy partaking in would be cooking and when I can put two loves together in one, it's magical! So I would like to share two of many loves I have: food and Russian. I found a website created by a Russian cook and her family. They put traditional Russian recipes with little twists up on their website but they also like to put twists on many other types of food. If you like to cook and try new recipes go to their website at:
     The two recipes that I will be trying out soon and have pictures of above are Тушеная Капуста (Russian braised cabbage) and Ватрушки (Sweet cherry filled buns). Everything about Тушеная Капуста is about the same as it was originally made in the past but Ватрушки is not originally made with cherries, they are typically filled with just farmer's cheese. Both dishes are very popular in Russia and Ukraine. Тушеная Капуста can be made for a main dish for dinner and it's major components are cabbage, pork, and shredded carrots. Ватрушки is clearly a dessert but it could also be eaten for breakfast, it's major components are dough, farmer's cheese, sugar and red cherries. If you want to try these recipes out soon like I am going to over holiday break here are the links to deliciousness!
Тушеная Капуста -тушеная-капуста/
Ватрушки -

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