Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sex Slavery Thrives in Russia Out of Public View

            While sex trafficking is a global issue, new reports suggest that Russia is one of the most prominent countries for it. Russia has been dubbed the “hub for trafficking and exploitation in Eurasia, and was recently ranked 6th out of 167 countries for having the most sex trafficking. They have 1 million known current slaves, and in a system where only one in every 9 cases come to light, that number is startling. Russia presents an interesting challenge in that they do not have a very active role in combatting sex slavery. Most victims’ best hope is for a Good Samaritan to buy them out. In addition, were a victim to escape, there are no state run safe houses for them, so many have no hope. When there is not a greater safety found in escape, there are few who fight for it. In addition, it is not really a matter on the agenda, for “the government and the legislature both ignore the problem for fear that it would damage Russia's reputation, even though sex trafficking exists everywhere, said activist Boris Panteleyev.”
              Most victims are not procured through outright abductions, but instead through scams. These scams promise high paying jobs or grand opportunities, however, when the victim arrives at the planned place of meeting they are forced into the trade.
            This area of criminal activity is the second most profitable, right after the drug trade. Due to the high demand within Russia, victims are commonly imported from other countries. A new rising trend is also seeing “ethnic diasporas in Russia import women from their native countries, including Vietnam, China, the Central Asian republics and African nations, to work in their brothels.”
Human trafficking is a global pandemic that needs to be stamped out. While it is coming to the forefront in Russia, every nation needs to be conscious of its presence in their societies. These changes start at individual levels; we are the catalyst. You, reader, are may no longer use ignorance as an alibi. Action is now your responsibility.
“The wicked flee when no one is pursuing.” Proverbs 28:1

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