Thursday, December 11, 2014

Unit 5: Russian Hospitality

When compared to other cultures/countries around the world, Russians are amazing hospitable, in some cases to a near unbelievable degree. Russians are often nominated for being the best hosts around the world - and not just for the drinks they provide. Friendly, open environments, and the ability to comfortably visit friends in Russia without needing an invitation is what separates Russians in this regard from not only Americans but most of the world as well. However, this hospitality does not only go one way. Gifts are almost always provided to the hosts from the guests at such visits, to such an extent that it is nearly shocking when guests arrive without gifts. Sadly, this sort of nice gesture is only beginning to come through in American society. Finally, Russians enjoy hosting foreign friends and showing them around, in addition to hosting more traditional events, such as holiday celebrations. Whatever the circumstance, you can bet Russians will be more accommodating to others than those snippy Americans.

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