Sunday, December 6, 2015

Military Disneyland

Going to school so close to the Magic Kingdom and all of the other various theme parks brings a heightened awareness of all things Disney and theme park related. Because of this, when I stumbled across a theme park in Russia equated to a Military Disneyland, my interest was piqued.

Recently opened in Kubinka, this theme park is unlike any other. People can test out military grade weapons, hang out in tanks, and taste army food (hey, it's free if you can wait in line for ages--oddly reminiscent of the old Soviet days?). Part of the goal of the park is to promote the military and encourage young people to be a part. It's also a matter of pride and patriotism to display the machinery and technology used by the Russian armed forces.

Basically if Disney, its princesses, and over-priced food have become too boring, head over to Russia for a very different experience.

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