Monday, December 7, 2015

Russian Dashcams

I'm sure we've all seen interesting dashcam videos of crazy things happening in Russia, such as the meteor strike or some interesting traffic videos. However, have you ever wondered why it seems like so many people in Russia have dashcams? It's mainl to protect themselves from fraud scams. There is a large industry in Russia focused on insurance fraud and suing people for traffic accidents, and the dashcams are to serve as proof of their innocence, or of people throwing themselves in front of cars in order to feign injury. This industry is very large, and affects a good portion of people in Russia. It also is to help fight against the sometimes inept or corrupt Russian legal system that is believed to not be kind to firsthand accounts of traffic accidents, and it has become somewhat of a golden rule in Russia to never get in a car without a dashcam. Aleksei Dozorov motorist activist has even said "You can get into your car without your pants on, but never get into a car without a dash cam".

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