Sunday, May 1, 2016

10 things to never say or do in Russia!

I know many people who plan to study abroad in Russia and figured this will help. Here are some rules.
1. Don't come to a visit empty handed
A sign of respect is to bring a present
2. Don't leave your shoes on in someones home.
Russian homes often have nice rugs therefore outside shoes are not welcome. some even bring nice shoes to parties to change into
3.DO NOT joke about parents
Vulgar jokes are normal, but jokes about parents they will not get or be offended
4.Don't toast with "Na Zdorov'ye!"
This means in good health, but for a toast longer more extravagant speaches are expected.
5.Don't take the last shirt
Now this is a saying. When you are offered something refuse the first few timesexpecially if you are to leave soon. If they keep persisting then say yes.
6.Don't under dress
You only live once, dress nice and feel nice. Its normal to dressup for casual things.
7.Don't go dutch
Men are to pay for food when out or whoever invited you to the food occasion is expected to pay.
8.Don't let a woman carry something heavy
Don't cringe! Men are said to be physically stronger and should carry things if they see a woman carrying something heavy.
9.Don't overlook the elderly on public transportation
If you see an elderly person, offer them your seat.
10.Don't burp in public
Bodily functions are considered impolite in Russia.
Good Luck

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