Monday, May 2, 2016

Top Russian MP praises Trump’s pragmatism, readiness for cooperation

Recently, The head of the State Duma Committee for Foreign Relations said that Donald Trump's approach to politics makes him a better presidential candidate then any other in the current race. He states that his approach is different from Obama and Bushes fixation on "spreading liberal ideology and values" 

The MP stated, "Overall, Trump looks less ideologically biased than [the incumbent US President Barack] Obama. He is a businessman who sees everything as a string of business deals. This is not the worst of approaches, especially if compared to the purely ideological, fundamentalist approach of Bush’s and Obama’s administrations. They destroyed the lives of whole regions and peoples in the name of some liberal chimeras and pseudo values,”

The head MP also criticized Clinton on her support of military interventions. "Clinton bases her actions on the suggestion that everything depends on the United States’ will. But she is mistaken. The Syrian crisis has shown that regardless of US desire to displace Syrian President Bashar Assad, Assad is likely to remain in his post after Obama leaves his,” Pushkov told the newspaper."

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