Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Born February 19, 1979 was the greatest singer of all time (in my humble opinion...and the humble opinions of hundred of people worldwide). Vitaliy "Vitalik" Vladasovich Grachyov, more commonly known as Vitas, can sing in five octaves. Much of his music reflects this outstanding ability, songs covering several, if not all those octaves. He is most famous for singing Opera#2, which caught the worlds attention. Opera#2 showcases his ability to sing EXTREMELY high. His career took off after that. Now he is famous around the world (albeit, mostly in China). However, not all of his music is multi-octave (is that even a word? O.o), such as my personal favorite Shores of Russia. Vitas has a very eclectic list of songs. He sings anything and everything from traditional folk songs, to techno, to opera, to rock (although the rock is the least known amongst his music) (I have no idea why). I think the only type of music he hasnt done is country, but isnt country strictly an American thing? Anyways, Vitas has also starred is several Russian tv programs and he has also played important roles in Chinese movies. Recently he was in a new Chinese release, Mulan. Currently he is working on another film, called 'The Founding of the Chinese Communist'.
    I (me being Ezri Thomas/Skardzius) personally saw him in concert this past February 1st. It was his second tour of North America, the first having been several years ago before I discovered him. Best. Night. Of. My. Life. My ticket is all in Russian and I even got the back of it autographed! (YAY ME!) Vitas is the reason I got so interested in Russian culture. So I figured it would only be appropriate that my first blog post be about him :)

Official Website: http://www.vitas.com.ru/titul_eng.php
Opera #2 : http://youtu.be/ygJYxMP_ICY
Shores of Russia: http://youtu.be/RU8UKvCwtRQ

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