Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brittany O blog post-portfolio 2

Taking up approximatly one seventh of the world's landmass, Russa is by fa the largest country in the world. Russia is so large in fact, it spreads wide nough to fit 11 time zones, it neighbors more countries thanany other country, touches 22 different bodies of water, and holds 12 sea's within its borders. That's very interesting knowing that there is less than half the population in Russia (145.5 million) than in the United States alone (300 million). Ther are many exciting things to experience in Russia, including the oldest mountains, the Urals, also Lake Baikal, the deepest lakein the world. How about being able to go from the driest desert to he coldest glaciers, including everything in between in one country!
Due to Russias supply of natural resources, the people depend heavily on mining. Some of the fastest growing sectorsi the Russian economy iclude telecmmunications, finace, construction, and energy production. Although the Russian economy ismaking a slow come back, significant changes are being made to their globalization markets in the country. Russia is starting to slowly transition its economy to a market economy from a command economy, ver big step i must say!

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