Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Radical Art Group Wins Russian Ministry Prize

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Russia, the beautiful country, the rich heritage, the grisly history: it makes this article all the more impressive.

In Moscow, a crazy art group exists known as Voina -- they've desecrated the Russian Orthodox Church, and at their hearing, rushed into the courtroom with electric guitars playing a punk-rock song called "All Cops Are Bastards". They've had sex in public, staged hangings of homosexuals, you name it, they've done it. Of course, the authorities are actively searching for them, but it looks like things might have turned around.

One of the artists drew a massive 210 foot penis on a drawbridge. Naturally, he faces up to seven years for vandalism, but... he won a contemporary art award sponsored by Russia's Ministry of Culture. The prize is 400,000 rubles ($~14,200). They're not taking the money. Instead, they're forwarding it to Russian political prisoners.

My respect for the motherland has skyrocketed.

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