Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond...

With the announcement that NASA will now be relying on Russia to send astronauts to man the international space station, increased attention has been called to Russia’s space exploration programs. Last week, Russian shuttle Soyuz TMA-21 landed safely in Kazakhstan along with its three passengers – a Russian, American, and a Japanese astronaut. Placing a diverse group of people in a limited space for a long period of time lends itself to concerns about how astronauts will handle the stress of space travel. American astronauts will no doubt need to understand cultural differences between Russia and the US, and may even need to know Russian language in order to travel. On that note, here are some potentially useful words for future astronauts (er…kosmonauts) out there:

Astronaut: космонавт

Shuttle: космический челнок

Galaxy: галактика

Flight: полет

Moon: луна

Spacesuit: скафандр

Read about the shuttle landing: Here

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