Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grigory Rasputin: The Man Who Would Not Die*

If you have ever seen “Anastasia”, the historically inaccurate yet highly entertaining movie you should have an image of Rasputin. His death in the movie (he attempts to get Anastasia as she makes her escape and ends up falling into the river and melting away when she stomps on his magic crystal thingy) may be rather strange for a children's movie, but his real life death was even worse... and way more creepy. 

Rasputin was a Siberian peasant who was considered a healer and a holy man. The royal family adored him, their friends loved or tolerated him, and he was hated by the extended family, government, and religious leaders. Rumors about him ran wild throughout the country. He allegedly dabbled in prophecy, healed the Tsar's son's hemophilia, influenced policy, dictated governmental decisions, and there were even rumors of him having an affair with the Tsarina. 
The extended royal hated Rasputin so much that the decided that something must be done to get rid of him. On December 17th, 1916, the Great Duke Dmitri Romanov, Prince Felix Yussupov, Vladimir Purishkevich (a member of the Russian Parliament), and Dr. Lazaret invited Rasputin to the Yussupov palace under the pretence of meeting to heal Felix’s wife Irina to use his healing powers on her. When he arrived, Rasputin was taken to a dining room in the basement and was told that Irina had some guests and he was to stay there until they had left.
Rasputin was offered poisoned pastries and wine which he initially refused, but eventually began to eat. He continued to eat the poisoned food for two hours while his would-be murderers watched in astonishment. Had they made a mistake? Why was he still alive?
Tired of waiting for the poison that didn't seem to be working,Felix decided to take matters into his won hands. He took a revolver and while Rasputin was looking at a fancy cross, shot him in the back, hoping that would finally be the end of him.
While the others were going to destroy any evidence of Rasputin being in the house,Felix went to check on the body, only to find that it was still warm and there was blood still coming out of the wound. As he examined the body, Rasputin's eye suddenly opened and he attacked Felix, who the ran to get his gun. 
When Felix returned, Rasputin had crawled up the stairs, out of the house, and had begun to run through the snow to escape. Trying to finally finish him off, Purishkevich shot at him. He missed twice with and then shot Rasputin in the back. Then again in the head. (For anyone that is counting, that is 3 bullets in Rasputin's body now)
After Rasputin fell to the ground, Felix began to beat him with a rubber truncheon until he was pulled off by the others.They took the body back into the house only to discover that Rasputin was still alive.He was still wheezing and looking at them through one of his eyes. Finally, Rasputin was killed when he was wrapped in a rug, stuffed in a car, and shoved off a bridge into the Nina river. Thus ended Grigory Rasputin.
Just kidding. When his body was finally pulled from the river days later, it appeared that he had tried to claw his way out from under the ice. After being poisoned, shot three times, and beaten. 
He even has his own disco song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmjdZKfumEI

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