Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Unit One

Ivan Aivazovsky (1517- 1900)

     Most famous for seascapes and coastal scenes, Ivan Aivazovsky was a Russian painter from Feodosiya. Since he was of Armenian decent, Aivazovsky was incredibly influenced by the Hamidian massacres  of Armenians in Asia Minor in 1895. His most famous paintings from this time period were The Armenian Massacres at Trevizond and The Expulsion of the Turkish Ship. Aivazovsky completed about 6,000 works by his death in 1900. He easily is widely known as one of the most important Russian artists of all time, though he didn't do much past seascapes and what have you. Interestingly enough, he was terrible at painting people or any kind of landscape. Some of his other popular works are The Black Sea, The Rainbow, and Shipwreck.

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