Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Unit 1: The Bird of Happiness (пти́ца сча́стья)

Russia and its culture has many interesting toys, arts and craft that has been passed down and used for many generation. But one of the most intersting toys and art I found was the Bird of Happiness. The Bird of Happiness is a wood carved shaped bird that was invented by the Pomors (or Russian Settlers of the White Sea Coast). It is said that the bird represents happinesss and well-being--these birds are displayed in the houses of the Russian people, including the churches. There is also some mythology based on the bird, in which, it represents the guide for the human soul once they've died--due to the fact that the bird is sort of like a symbol of a bridge between the Earth and Sky (Earth and Heaven) or to the church, it is a bibical symbol. So, whenever you go to Russia and see this beautiful art, be blessed with happiness and well-being, for the bird purges all evil.


Note: Looking at this bird, sort of reminds me like the Japanese Oragami Cranes (a 1,000 cranes is a equivalent of well-being and happiness).

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