Sunday, September 30, 2012

Musical Theatre in Moscow

  Within this past year, February 21st to be exact, Russia has opened its first musical theatre house.  Opening in Moscow, the show was titled You Can't Choose The Time You Live In.  It was about a forbidden love relationship that was being torn apart between an American jazz singer and a Soviet musician during last century's 20's and 30's era.  
  Ironically, this musical first premiered in America.  The scriptwriter and producer of You Can't Choose... commented that this was very appropriate, given that it was about the political and social relations between the two counties. The scriptwriter,  Mikhail Shvydkoi, is also a high government official and the Russian-President's point man for the culture and the arts. The goal is to influence the  Russian culture with other popular arts of other countries. However, he does not want to change the Russian culture just improve it.  “We do not want to compete with the Broadway theatres,” Mikhail Shvydkoi continued. “This would be silly. We want to create a theatre for the Russian audience. And we hope that our theatre will be able to stage what poses great interest for the Russian audience in our theatre. I think that people need more positive emotions today. They have a happiness deficit. And I believe that if we add some happiness to their life, our task will be achieved.” (The voice of Russia: Natalya Victorova) 
Not to mention, as an extra perk, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is interested in participating in musicals.  More so, You Can't Choose... might be his first stop! With that combination, the Russian Musical might be a hit (or it'd at least be some kind of entertaining)!! 

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