Monday, September 10, 2012

Opera Houses

         Opera in Russia has always been slightly different and separated from most western opera cultures.  This is specific to the techniques the Russians use along with many other details. 
However, something that stays within the tradition of opera throughout the world and that is the pride and respect that goes into the opera houses themselves. In St. Petersburg, there has recently been a new opera house built, called the Mariinsky II. It is an addition to the historic Mariinsky Theater. This theater is unique in the fact that it allows for different types of productions to occur.  The space provides room for the ballet as well as fly space in the back of the stage for heavy sets and technical aspect to contribute to the art.  As well, the orchestra pit can be lifted and transformed into an extension of the stage if it is not needed as a pit. The opera house is constructed to have a space for 2000 seat audience and is predicted to be a success in housing many international singers.

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