Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dr. Denner?

Modeling in Russia isn't as easy as some make it seem.

As you can see above, our wonderful professor has given us a beautiful representation of the kind of dedication and emotion it takes to be truly great at modeling in the expanse of cold terrain that is Russia. It's all about heart and perseverance. However, I also looked to Russians with a bit more experience for what it takes. A few quotes I noticed mention that if you have "some extra kilos" you just have to know how to work it and that it is imperative to drink a lot of water ("Not vodka, but water."). In addition, I also found that some Russian model's dieting techniques, one in particular, can be very controversial. Believe it or not, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day is a dieting technique some use. Only in Russia can it be found that people smoke to get healthier. If any Russians are reading this, good job doing your own thing and not letting other people's facts or common sense determine how you live your life. Respect.

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Michael said...

ха ха! это було давным давно!