Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Unit 6: Putin's Palace

After Dr. Denner provided us with an exclusive shot of what he claimed was Putin's private, extremely well-kept secret house (perhaps mansion is the better term here), I was of course curious. How could the president of such a massive nation keep his residence secret from the never-ending eyes of the press and the public. The construction of the house apparently began during Putin's presidency with what is referred to as "[an] improper use of state resources." It wouldn't be a the president of Russia's top secret house without a little corruption mixed in, would it? The mansion was built by, sold to, sold again by, and finally bought by men all with close ties to Putin even before his days as the president of Russia. There are no direct links anywhere from this house to Putin, but one would be weak-minded to assume that such a connection does not exist. After the demand for an investigation of such an improper use of funds, pictures of the house were taken and eventually found their way to the Russian Wikileaks site. The site was blocked shortly after, raising further eyebrows regarding Putin's interest in the house. All conversation regarding the house, however, quickly died down after the rather sudden explosion of interest. Putin continues to deny any relation to the house through his spokespeople, refusing to deign to address the matter himself, fitting of such an honest and trustworthy individual.

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