Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Russian Superstition

Russian Superstition
So I recently watched this movie called “Deadly Code.” It’s on Netflix, and it’s definitely worth a watch! It was about Serbian gangsters and their own code of morals and respect. It also delved into Russian tattoo culture, and the culture in general as well. The only lame thing is that they don’t actually speak по-русски, they just speak with an accent. Which yeah, is lame and annoying, but look, it’s free if ya got Netflix, so go check it out.
            This movie brings me to my post; in the movie the дедушка gives all sorts of wisdom to the boys, but a lot of it is from superstitions I found very interesting. So I combed the Internet looking for some, and found quite a few! While not as interesting as in the movie, these are still pretty righteous. Some of note:
o   Don’t give money hand to hand, because there’s a belief that it can transfer negative energy.
o   Walking with an empty bucket is considered a bad omen.
o   Don’t take anything out of the house at night. It’s bad. Stop. Don’t.
Anyway, this can help us if we go abroad. Let’s dodge those awkward situations as a team eh?

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