Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Unit 7 - Putin Again

Vladimir Putin claimed just recently a war with Ukraine, although apocalyptic, will most likely never happen. However, Putin's actions, as per usual, contrast his words to a rather large extreme. His earlier proposed ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia seems less like an agreement and more and more like a set of guidelines as time has progressed. With several violations of the proposed ceasefire (records put this number to over 300 already), Putin still believes that there is no need for any further action between the two nations. The Minsk Agreement, Putin firmly thinks, will end this conflict for good. However, the Russian president holds true to his earlier actions and tendencies by simply refusing to examine the other side of the argument. While the Minsk Agreement would certainly leave an end result favoring Russia, any other outcome would appear to be unacceptable to a certain Vladimir. He stated that Crimea will not go back to Ukraine, regardless of the circumstances. Such a single minded outlook certainly does not become the ever unpopular Vladimir Putin, but may help Russia a large amount if actions are not taken.

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