Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Второй год... Глава 3... Неделя 2. (SECOND YEAR, Unit 3 Week 2)

ОК, ребята... за работу! To work, to work! Work, so Stalin says THANK YOU! Кстати, во вторник вчера было the Russian Revolution Centennial. Putin says "забудьте об этом!"

0) You must sign up for your Oral Performance (in pairs!). Запишитесь в парах! 
Stetson: Кликните здесь сейчас!ERAU: Кликните здесь сейчас!

1) Напишите тест по новым словам (Take the quiz!)

2) Возьмите хендаут.... и... Давайте послушаем... если вам будет трудно, то мы вместе сможем поработать над ним. разговор с таксистом... A conversation with a taxi driver! Get a handout, and... Listen! And, if it proves difficult, we can work a bit on it together... You'll find the questions on your lab handout. Вот линк на запись... Link to the recording. 

3) Садитесь за стол! Поработаем вместе! Come to the tables, find a tutor or me, and let's work a bit on verbs of motion... Take a look at the flowchart on your handout that you all know well... All we're adding today is the FUTURE and PAST perfective forms for these verbs, пойти-поехать (that's по- added more or less directly to the words unidirectional verbs ехать и идти--the conjugations are the same... пое́ду, пойду | пое́дешь, пойдёшь...). 

4) The grammar quiz NEXT WEDNESDAY: The first part is based CLOSELY on Ex. 8 (ходить - ездить / идти - ехать Fill in the blank) that we're doing at the tables today. See your handouts! Know how to say that you are going somewhere on some form of transportation. Remember: пешком is ON FOOT, without any additional prepositions! Additionally, there are lexical/grammatical expressions having to do with location (рядом, далеко от, слево от...). You'll find those on the handout, and we'll practice them in class on Tuesday.

5) Here's my mind-map of verbs of motion... It's really just a set of binary decisions... Yes or no?

6) Finally, sign up for your oral performance in pairs here. И вот линк на запись песни, которую вам надо выучить наизусть (by heart!)... and here is another Link to a recording of the song with the actual actors. 

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