Sunday, October 2, 2016

Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете! Unit 2 Week 3 Elementary Russian

Day two, Week three, Unit 2. Listening and Этот vs. Это 

Добрый день! Рад вас видеть! Good day! Nice to see you. 

Russian voters recently went to the polls to elect the 450 members of the country’s lower house, the Duma. It was a crushing victory for the pro-Putin United Russia party, which might (paradoxically) end up being a bad thing for Putin. Go read an in-depth analysis by Stetson's own Dr. Huskey.

OK, к делу! To the business at hand... First, take the quiz!

Now, sign up for your Устное выступление your ORAL PERFORMANCE here.

On the back of the quiz, you will find two listening exercises, Давайте послушаем! Let's Listen! The first, 2-38 магазин-салон, just listen to find out the PRICES of each item, which you can scratch below the picture. The second, 2-39 Магазин <<Мода>> , just answer briefly the 3 questions. Listen carefully for the words you understand and make your judgments accordingly.

Finally, наконец, check out this great Prezi I made on the differences between two similar words, Это ("This is, that is, these are", the all-purpose introduction) and этот (the demonstrative "this" or "that" as in "this car and that cat"). At the tables, we'll work through a brief exercise that will help you to understand proper use and formation... 

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