Sunday, October 2, 2016

Second Year Russian @ Stetson... Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете! Unit 2 Week 3


Сначала... Напишите тест! First, take your easy quiz!

Now, sign up for your Устное выступление your ORAL PERFORMANCE here

On the back... На обороте.... Look!

Наденьте наушники и прослушайте передачу Радионяни!

Put on your headphones and listen! Радионяня now means "baby monitor" in Russian. But it used to be a radio program for kids...  Everyone "of a certain age" (my age!) knows these episodes. If you're over, say, thirty-five, you grew up with Радионяня at home. The song that starts every episode goes...

Мы рады вас приветствовать, товарищи ребята!Конечно, если дома вы, а не ушли куда-то.
We're happy to see greet you, comrade children!  
If you're at home, of course, and haven't gone somewhere...

The rhyme of куда-то and ребята is an excellent rhyme!

Give the song a listen here.

Now listen to a segment: Давайте послушаем program

On the back of your quiz, jot down the answers (in Russian... or English if you have to) to the four questions. Клёво! It's great. Смешно... Very funny! Смешно, а серьёзно! Funny, but serious... as it always was and ever shall be in Russia.

This will take you about half an hour... Трудно! Я знаю! 

When you're done... Come to the tables and ask us questions! Get some additional help on aspect and verb conjugations. 

Work on homework that's due for the portfolio. Поговорим по-русски! Let's chat! But there's no additional written work...

Весёлые уроки! Cheerful lessons! Lessons in Happiness!

You can listen to more more episodes of Радионяня here. 

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