Monday, October 30, 2017

Второй год Language lab: Unit 3, Week 1 Second Year

Здравствуйте, дорогие студенты!


Окей! За работу! Сначала... 

Давайте послушаем! Read along and fill in answers to the following two dialogues.
1. Можно пройти пешком?
2. Как туда попасть?

Ответьте (answer!) на вопросы (на хендауте)... И найдите (find!) фразы-переводы в 3-7 (диалоги). Answer the questions to the dialogues on the handout. Then find the phrases in the dialogues that match the ones in 3-7 Подготовка к разговору. These phrases will be on your vocab quiz next Wednesday.

Wheh. Finally. Да уж! =You're telling me! In the final exercise на хендауте, take items from each column and make complete sentences... I go to work on the bus! Ура ура!
***Remember: Can you do it in the bathroom? If yes, use в+Prep. If not, use на+Prep. Destinations are ACCUSATIVE. Modes of transportation always use на + PREPOSITIONAL.

Your vocabulary quiz next Wednesday (Nov 8) . 
Your grammar quiz (Nov 15).

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