Saturday, October 24, 2009

I heard the voice. It promised solace

I heard the voice. It promised solace.
“Come here,” it seemed so softly call.
“Leave Russia, sinning, lost and graceless,
Leave your land, pray, for good and all.
I'll cleanse your hands from blood that stains you,
And from your heart draw back black shame,
The hurts of failure, wrongs that pain you
I'll veil with yet another name.”
With even calm deliberation
I raised my hands to stop my ears,
Lest that ignoble invitation
Defile a spirit lost in tears

And in Russian.....

Мне голос был. Он звал утешно.
Он говорил: "Иди сюда,
Оставь свой край глухой и грешный.
Оставь Россию навсегда.
Я кровь от рук твоих отмою,
Из сердца выну черный стыд,
Я новым именем покрою
Боль порожений и обид".
Но равнодушно и спокойно
Руками я замкнула слух,
Чтоб этой речью недостойной
Не осквернился скорбный слух.

- Anna Akhmatova 1917

What I have learned is that Akhmatova's poems are amazing. Her life story is full of interesting detials. Including the fact that Anna Akhmatova was her pen name her real name being Anna Andreëvna Gorenko. Anna's father did not want her printed verses ruining his respectable name.

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