Monday, October 26, 2009

Russian Cutaway Gag

For those of you who watched the episode of Family Guy about a week ago, you might be wondering what this was about:

According to many of the users on youtube, this is the translation: "What idiot thought up a sandwich with porcupine? He's a hooligan! He's a bum!" This clip is actually referencing the 1975 film "Hedgehog in the Fog" by award winning Russian film maker Yuri Norstein. I haven't been able to stop watching it. You all should also take the time to look up other children's stories and "poem films" by this director; they are really beautiful.


Ark Holdaway said...

That was awesome!

segould said...

Meg, I absolutely love this post!

subshop said...

OHHHH,,,I just love this... Even though i missed the other episodes..

Love it!!

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