Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Russian tortoise, Agrionemys horsfieldii. It is also referred to as the Russian tortoise, Steppe tortoise, Afghanistan tortoise, Four-toed tortoise and as well as the Russian box turtle.

Found in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, Northern and Eastern Iran, North Western China and the Soviet territory Kazakhstan. Most Russian Tortoises found in the pet trade are from the territory of Uzbekistan.

Its habitats are dry open landscapes. It is most commonly found in sand and clay deserts with sparse grasses and bushes.

In nature it is active only a few months of the year. It comes out of hibernation in march and actively forages and mates until june. If the temperatures rise to high they will aestivate. In Uzbekistan it hibernates from about october through march.

Most active in the early morning and early evening, and hiding in its hole during the hotter parts of the day. Russian tortoises are most active when the temperatures range 20-32°C

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