Saturday, October 17, 2009

Graffiti Grannies!


“How long should we tolerate those tasteless paintings they call ‘graffitis’? After asking this question myself twice I said - we shouldn’t any more!”, says Anastasia, the leader of SSAE - Samarian Street Art Elders. “We decided to tell how the real graffiti should look like so that our children could adapt good tastes from the early age”.

And so be it - this small town near Samara city, Russia began to change with the help of this SSAE team. They decided to give street art a “granny” twist. “We also put nice poetry on walls, it helps!”.

Now the walls of houses, the dirty lobbies, the playgrounds - all is covered with this strange art by grannies. Looks like the other teams don’t risk to mess with them.

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