Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Traditions

Engagement and Wedding Preparations:

Russian weddings don't have bridesmaids, a best man, or flower girls. When a man proposes he doesn't give the woman an engagement ring, and the wedding occurs in about 1-3 months according on how long it takes the department of registrations to certify it. They do not even make a big deal about being engaged, they just say that they have "handed in the application". When married the couple wears a wedding band on their right hand rind finger. If they are wearing a wedding band on their left hand it usually means that they are widowed or divorced. The size of the ring depends on the brides age, i.e. if shes 17 then the ring is 17mm in diameter. Girls are taught to sew in school so brides tend to make their own dresses. There is no tradition of handing down wedding dresses to daughters. It is custom that the longer the trail of cars following the bride the prouder the couple is. "The biggest concern at the wedding is to have enough liquor. A Russian wedding is an event where everybody must be drunk."

To read more about the wedding process go to this website.

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