Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brittany Ooman portfolio 3

Boris Grenbenshchkov
Born on November27, 1952 in St. Petersburg, Boris is one of the most influential rock stars in Russia. He is the lead singer in a band called Aquarium which has been main stream since 1972.
Growing up, Boris obtained his degree in applied mathematics, however chose to concentrate on music instead. He spent much of his 1970’s touring and drinking all over Russia. The band continued to record throughout the 1980’s, when the music business was booming, then in 1986 a smuggled recording of Aquarium was released in the United States.
As the Soviet Union was collapsing, Boris headed west in hopes for a successful career outside his norms. After two solo albums, he figured out the west was not for him and headed back to Russia. He continued recording through the Aquarium brand throughout the 1990’s. Through Boris’s career, he has written over 500 songs and recorded over 20 albums, along with writing and presenting his own radio show in on the Russian Radio station.

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