Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yeti/ Abominable Snowman / Eastern Bigfoot/ whatever you wanna call it

Like cavemen who have been lost in time, reports of the Siberian Snowman (aka Chuchunaa) are different from typical Bigfoot sightings reported around the globe. Believed to be living in remote regions of the former Soviet Union, such as Siberia where they are known as Mulen, the Siberian Bigfoot has often been described as wearing clothing, specifically animal skins. Although the Siberian Snowman fits the size and furry descriptions of Bigfoot in North America, the wearing of animal skins and a noted white patch of forearm hair seems to be more indicative of Neanderthal depictions than Sasquatch descriptions. Does the Siberian Snowman truly exist?

In 1928, the government of the Soviet Union began exploring the remote Indigirka and Yana river regions with expedition teams collecting eyewitness accounts of the Bigfoot creatures. Tribes native to the area have lore that has passed down for hundreds of years about the Siberian Snowman which some have viewed as outcasts from human civilization (the name Chuchunaa means "outcast"). In Siberia, the Siberian Snowman Bigfoot is known to penetrate buildings and barns to take food and other items.

Josh Gates and his team from the tv show, Destination Truth, went to Siberia to search for the elusive creature. They found some unidentifiable animal hairs and made a cast of a supposed big foot track. ( I personally watched this episode when it aired in 2010, it was pretty cool I must say, very compelling.)
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To view a high quality video of a Siberian Chuchunaa see Youtube channel rosencreyster.