Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Russia Says No To Kalashnikovs

This year has seen the end of the longstanding tradition of the Soviet times. Russia's Defense Ministry has decided to completely refuse from purchasing the legendary AK-74 rifles for the army. There are two reasons for that: the country has too many Kalashnikovs and they are outdated.

Although Russia has one of the largest and most diverse militaries in the world, the use of the Kalashinkovs, also known as AK-47s, has been its downfall for most of its infantry. Although Russian Special Forces, especially the Russian Naval Spetznaz usually use M-60s, the majority of their firepower comes from the Ak-47. It was the gun of choice for the entire military during the Soviet Union, because it was founded in 1947, hence the name AK-47. This gun is arguably the most durable gun in the world. I know from friends that have used AK-47s, you can leave one lying in the mud for a week and pick it up and it will shoot as if it is brand new. It is also the most popular gun within the Middle-Eastern countries and radical Islamic groups because of its availability, durability, and price from Russia especially now since they are getting rid of them. It was probably the new President Medvedev’s idea, as Putin is still a full on Soviet until the day he dies, but since it is changing, they both probably agreed on it. It is truly about time they got rid of that gun. No other military force on the planet, especially one as strong as Russia’s uses a gun as outdated as the AK-47


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