Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Deanna Wotursky blog entry for port 2

Who is the most powerful man in Russia? Many would argue that it is Vladimir Putin. On September 24th he put his bid in to reclaim the presidency in the 2012 elections. For this current term he has been serving as prime minister after he had to depart the “Kremlin” in 2008 because he had served two consecutive terms as president and in Russia, just like America, that is the limit.

It was no question that Russia’s dominant political party would approve his candidacy. He has remained the dominant political figure even over the current president Dmitry Medvedev. His presidency is seen as nothing special because he didn’t do anything very important, Medvedev is known mostly as a place-holder until Putin can resume presidency.The Russian party also approved Putin’s nomination for Prime Minister in the 2012 elections who consequently is Dmitry Medvedev.

Putin maintains his popularity by putting himself out there, for example he goes on the television to show the public that he is healthy, interested in global affairs and that he socializing with the public as a whole. His popularity and the way Russians political system usually plays out he will win the 2012 elections, and will make changes within the system to increase his power as president.

Previously, as president he has caused a lot of tension between the West (mostly the United States) and Russia. He has recently proposed forming a "Eurasian Union" which would bring together all the previous soviet nations. What I got from this is that he would like to get the previous Soviet Union together as allies to become a “player” in the global game for power and influence. Putin is known for thinking the fall of the Soviet Union was one of the worst things to happen…like ever. If he wins the 2012 elections I predict this plan for a “Eurasian Union” will be one of his biggest endeavors.

Vladimir Putin is one of the most influential political figures of our time, and not just in the Russian culture but in the entire world. He has his own style to things, and offers another view that is very different from standard political figures. The 2012 election in the worlds eyes is already won by him, and everyone would be surprised if he didn’t win.

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