Thursday, October 31, 2013

Anti-Gay Laws in Russia

Recently Russia has passed an anti-gay law prohibiting gay propaganda among minors in Russia. This has led to much concern over the Olympic athletes and visitors who may be gay and how they will be treated at the Olympics. President Putin of Russia assures that these individuals will be tolerated and will not be treated differently. In additional a gay activist of Russia Alexey Davydov who was supposed to participate in the gay protest died due to a weakened immune system that had resulted from an injury in a previous arrest. Alexey Davydov was arrested in 2011 and his arm was broken by the police, this resulted in a long hospital stay and difficult recovery, he was diabetic and contracted an infection in the hospital that led to kidney failure requiring him to have dialysis. When he was going to the Gay protest he contracted food poisoning and was unable to beat it, he slipped into a coma and died the next day. Although the police did not directly kill him they sure had a part in his demise. This anti-gay law has instigated a movement to inform the Russian youth about the true nature of being gay and that it was natural and should be accepted as such. How long will this anti-gay law stay? At some point in time, I believe that most all governments will come to realize that you cannot fight what is not going away. A society cannot move backward towards not accepting such behavior when its become recognized as “normal”.

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