Saturday, October 26, 2013

Russia's New Anti-Terrorism Bill

Earlier in the month, Russia's State Duma approved the reading of a new bill that will require the families of terrorist to compensate the families of the victims that they hurt. Along with compensating the families for all the damages incurred, the bill will simplify the punishments given to members who participate or train in acts of terror. The new bill, if it were to go into effect, would also allow the family members of terrorist to be fined for not informing the state government of terrorist activity. Currently under Russian law victims can only sue the people directly involved in the acts of terror for compensation. Normally the Russian government compensates the victims, and the Russian government is looking to change that. The goal is to make terrorism "unprofitable and unappealing" with continued hopes that family members will report potential terrorist to avoid paying for damages. If charged and convicted, a terrorist undergoing training will face five to ten years of prison time and pay a fine of 500,000 roubles. Organizing a terrorist group will get you ten to fifteen years in prison with a fine of 1 million roubles. The country of Russia already has anti-terror laws in effect, but the Supreme Court and President Putin are hoping to simplify them.

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