Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Russia’s 2018 World Cup and 2014 Winter Olympics:

In the next few years Russia will be very busy hosting some of the world’s most important sporting events. Coming up this February Russia will be hosting the Winter Olympics in Sochi and there have been a lot of international conflicts over Vladimir Putin’s outlooks on what he calls the gay problem. There has been controversy centered on sponsors such as McDonalds and Coke wondering whether or not they want their logo being worn to such an event.  Russia has recently released draconian new anti-gay propaganda which causes concern for the athletes, guests, and media attending the Winter Olympics this next year. We can only hope that Putin can find a compromise to his problem with homosexuals by the time the Soccer World Cup is to be held in Russia in 2014. For America soccer may not be the most popular sport but to the rest of the world, and to many soccer-loving Americans, the World Cup is the Olympics.

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