Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zero Waste Olympic Pledge

The 2014 Winter Olympics are being held in Sochi this year Russia made a vow to have the "cleanest games ever." Basically they were planning on using reusable resources instead of having to dump construction waste. One major reason for this "Zero Waste" Pledge is because the government is trying to keep Sochi's freshwater pure.

But this pledge was broken when The Associated Press found a landfill just north of Sochi, where a state-owned railway was dumping construction wastes. They tried to cover up the dumping by covering the landfill with clay and mixing the waste and clay together, but obviously that didn't succeed. It's also shown in other areas that Russia has tried very little to keep the "Zero Waste" Pledge upheld, especially since none of the $51 billion budget goes to environmental protection.

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