Monday, October 7, 2013

Слот, an awesome Russian band!

     As I mentioned in my previous post on the blog, I love Russian music and my last post was about my favorite Russian singer and this time I will be writing about my favorite Russian band. My favorite Russian band is called SLOT or Слот and the first song that I ever heard from them that made me fall in love with them is the song "Одни" and from my sources the English translation is "Alone". It turns out that "Одни" was their first debut video on MTV Russia in 2003 and it stayed on for six months. Слот is a Russian alternative/nu metal band that was formed by their lead male vocalist Игорь "кэш" Лобанов and their guitarist Сергей "ID" Боголюбский in 2002 in Moscow, Russia. Слот's debut album entitled "SLOT 1" was released in 2003 under Misery of Sound recording label. Their debut album went on to sell over ten thousand copies internationally, and if  had known about them back when I was 8 years old I definitely would have made that number ten thousand and one. In 2004 the band's lead female vocalist Теона Дольникова left due to creative differences and went on to pursue a solo career. Luckily, Ульяна Елина (nicknamed "IF") winner of the 2005 RAMP Awards Best Vocal of the Year was able to step in for the years 2004 to 2006. As Ульяна still as their female vocalist in 2006, Слот along with the American band Korn performed at Saint Petersburg's Ice Palace and at MSA in Moscow. Also, the band has been featured on numerous soundtracks of Russian films such as Day Watch (which is a great film), Bumer, Hunting for Piranha and a few others. If anyone is interested Слот still has a Myspace and they also have a Facebook page that gives you similar information I am giving and a Youtube channel with all their music videos on it. Слот's second album was released the Autumn of 2006 and it was called "2 войны" or "2 Wars" and their hit single on this album had the same name; over eight thousand copies in the first twelve weeks of release were sold. Due to the great success on their second album Слот was nominated for the prestigious RAMP awards and they won the Hit of the Year award! In 2007, a new female vocalist named Дария "нуки" Ставрович replaced Ульяна and after the switch the band did a lot of touring with different bands, some Russian and some international. Fall of 2007, their third album was released and it was called "Тринити" or "Trinity" and their first single off of this album with a music video was entitled "Мёртвые Звёзды" or "Dead Stars". The next two albums were called "4ever" which was released in 2009 and "Break the Code" which was released in 2011; these two albums were their first albums released in English and all their music videos since "4ever" have had an English version and a Russian version. Слот is still going and the band's current members include Дария "нуки" Ставрович, Игорь "кэш" Лобанов, Сергей "ID" Боголюбский, Кирилл "Mr Dudu/The Dude" Качанов, and Никита "NiXoN" Симонов. Here are some links to my top two favorite songs by them for anyone's listening pleasure:

"Одни" - Слот

"Лего" - Слот

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