Wednesday, September 27, 2017

ELEMENTARY RUSSIAN... Сегодня в кабинете... Unit 1, Week 3 Language lab

Здравствуйте, ребята! How's it going, guys? Сегодня двадцать седьмое сентября. It's the 27th of September...

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A couple things... You should receive from Drs. Zheltoukhova or Denner an invitation to join Bear in a Hat blog... There's required posting for every portfolio. Make sure you confirm! 

Georgian Cooking Club this week! Sign up while there's space!

Thursday... let's make cheese! We'll keep it really simple. I'll bring a gallon of milk and my crockpot. We'll make cheese, then from the whey and milk protein left over, some ricotta (nadugi, in Georgian... tvorog in Russian...). Then, from the whey we'll make a batch of bliny, pancakes. All from one gallon of milk. 
Georgians consider nadugi with mint to be the "nothing's better" appetizer. Weird, huh? Mint and cottage cheese! It's SO GOOD! And very very Georgian. We'll make some. 
So, bliny, nadugi, and some cheese. PLEASE SIGN UP HERE:


Сегодня в кабинете... More or less in this order 

  2. А теперь... Pick up a lab хендаут...
  3. Put on your наушники, your headphones... and do the  listening exercise on the sheet, Addresses. Listening for numbers... FOCUS! Do you know how you get better at understanding Russian? Listening to Russian! (If you want to rehash your numbers 1-20, this page is pretty good!... They're also listed at the bottom of this page.)
  4. Look through this PPP on the Prepositional case... Вот что важно... Here's a recap of what's important: [a] Don't forget to remove the ending. We add endings to stems! [b] The ending is usually -e, but when you try to add -e to any noun that ends in -ия, -ие, or -ий, you get -ии as the ending: Германия --> в Германии. [c] And don't forget that Russian treats all foreign toponyms (place names) that end in -о or -и/-ы as indeclinable, that is, they never change. Я живу в Орландо (NO CHANGE!). Когда вы закончите... 
  5. When you're done at the компьютер, join us at the tables! Ураааа! Hooray! With a partner (or tutor or instructor!), read the dialogue (obverse of the listening exercise), then follow the directions (make it на ты, informal). Вы is formal, and many of the connected forms end in -те. Здравствуйте! (that's formal)... Здравствуй! (informal!). Write out the new dialogue with all the necessary changes below the old one for your Portfolio.
  6. If you haven't already, SIGN UP for your oral performance on Thursday (tomorrow!). No class tomorrow, instead you should finish your portfolio and perform orally
From Olga Vasik... Всё просто! It's all alright!

  1. один     ("a-deen")
  2. два     ("dva")
  3. три     ("tree")
  4. четыре     ("chye-tir-ye")
  5. пять    ("pyat")
  6. шесть     ("shest")
  7. семь    ("syem")
  8. восемь     ("vo-syem")
  9. девять   ("dyev-yat")
  10. десять   ("dyes-yat")
  11. одиннадцать
  12. двенадцать
  13. тринадцать
  14. четырнадцать
  15. пятнадцать
  16. шестнадцать
  17. семнадцать
  18. восемнадцать
  19. девятнадцать
  20. двадцать

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