Wednesday, September 6, 2017

ELEMENTARY RUSSIAN: Сегодня в кабинете! Today in the lab... (Unit 1 Week 2 of classes... Numbers and reduction)

Здравствуйте, студенты! Сегодня шестое сентября. Today is the sixth of September. 

The Study Abroad Session is postponed. Stay tuned!

 One of the central goals of our program is to get you to LEAVE!

 We want you to fly away and immerse yourself in Russian, or encounter a different culture on an everyday level. Study abroad! For so many of us, it was the transformative experience that set us on the path we are on today.
So: COME ON OUT in the SPREES house (the date TBA). You’ll learn about the practicalities of study abroad, you’ll hear from your professors about why you should go, but most importantly, you’ll hear from your friends and colleagues who have taken the leap. Can’t wait to see you!

In any order. All relevant links below. 

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1) Work with me or the tutor on vowel reduction (on your LL handout). The rule: Generally speaking, you pronounce the grapheme O when it's NOT under stress as /ah/ (that's the "pure" /a/ sound, like the first vowel in the word "automobile"). 

So the word хорошО is pronounced /kharashO/. 

Yes, there are more complicated systems of reduction, but if you only ever reduced the o to /a/ when not under the stress mark, then you'd sound like a Russian. Good enough! 

2) At a station, listen to & start learning the cardinal numerals 11-20. The numbers (Числительные) exercise is on the LL handout. If you're feeling confident, try to write the numbers out in words, not figures! (Links are below.) 
11 Одиннадцать 
12 Двенадцать 
13 Тринадцать 
14 Четырнадцать 
15 Пятнадцать 
16 Шестнадцать 
17 Семнадцать 
18 Восемнадцать 
19 Девятнадцать 
20 Двадцать 

Listen to the Числительные (Numbers) exercise here. Write down the numbers you hear here

3) While there at the station, listen to the three “разговоры” (conversations) and answer the questions. (Links below.) Don't worry that you cannot understand everything!!! Get used to it. Just jot down the responses, to the best of your ability, directly on the LL handout wherever there's room next to the corresponding questions. Remember: We listen to a lot of Russian in this class to train your ear. How can we train your ear if we only listening to stuff you understand? 

Listen to the разговоры here: 

4) With a partner (or me! Or the tutor!) read the Доброе утро dialogue on the LL handout. Get some feedback on your pronunciation.
This should all take you around 60 minutes. 


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