Wednesday, September 6, 2017

SECOND YEAR... Сегодня в кабинете... Гиперлинки на записи, задания... 6ое сентября 2017 Unit 1 week 2

Привет! Сначала, напишите маленький тест! Take your grammar quiz... 

Возьмите хендаут! Get a handout!

OK... Давайте послушаем! Two SHORT listening exercises о погоде в Москве и о погоде в Петербурге. Listen to these forecasts (just half of the recording) и ответьте на пару вопросов... Answer a couple of questions on the worksheet... (That's 1-50 and 1-51 on the handout.)

Go to the tables, и поработаем! And let's work a bit. First, I'd like you and a partner to choose any dialogue and read it aloud... let me or the tutors listen! 

Then there are a couple brief grammar exercises. 
1) The first involves the first-person imperative (Let's!) The point here is that the "shortcut" to such commands is to use the PERFECTIVE form of the first-plural (мы)... Поработаем! Let's work a bit. Поговорим! Let's have a talk. See, no need for the Давайте (Let's) imperative... But you COULD say Давайате поговорим! Давайте поработаем! It's just that you don't HAVE to say "let's" in these commands. Просто как репа! Simple like turnip!

2) The second exercise trains your use of the preposition к + датильный падеж (dative). The combo means "go to someone's house": Куда ты ходил? Я ходил к Давиду. Wheredya go? I went to David's house.

Try and translate this meme... It's funny!


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