Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Interesting facts about Russia

Russia is a transcontinental country. It extends halfway around the northern hemisphere. It covers parts of North-Eastern Europe and all of Northern Asia. Russia alone makes up around a 7th of the total land of the entire world and neighbors 15 countries. The Russian river Volga is with 3700 kilometers the longest one in whole Europe. The Ural mountains in Russia are the oldest in the world and lake Baikal is the world’s largest reservoir of fresh water. Russia is the world’s biggest country, but only the ninth most populated country in the world.
Russia’s capital, Moscow, is located in Western Russia and serves as home for around 10.5 million people. Moscow inhabits 74 billionaires, which is a higher percentage of billionaires than in any other city on the globe.
Russian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet and is one of the five most spoken languages in the world. Russia is the second biggest oil exporter of the world. Russians celebrate New Year twice, on the 1st of January and on the 14th of January.  Russians do not shake hands over doorways, as they think that this might lead to arguments.

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