Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Russian Animation

Having grown up in a Russian background I had watched many of the same Russian animations that my parents and even grandparents watched when they were children. When I was younger I did not understand much of the Russian, now that I am older I find it entertaining to watch those animations and see how much more I understand. One animation that I found particular is Чиполлино, which came out in 1961.  I remember that when I was younger I hardly understood anything due to the high vocabulary content.  Now that I am older I find it interesting that this animation seems to highly support communism.  The basic plot is that Чиполлино stepped on Prince Lemon's foot and while looking for Чиполлино, Чиполлино's father took the blame and went to jail.  Чиполлино went after his father trying to free him as well as make some friends that helped him, in the end, to overthrow the Prince and his guards.  I found it interesting that this animation was permitted to be released to the public which probably means that it tried to reaffirm to the public that communism was for the better.  It was a remainder to the people that to create the society that currently existed the proletariat revolted and re-established a "better government" that was to be run by the people (which obviously did not work).  That being said there were many times that Russian animations contained hiding meanings that were not obvious on the onset.  Perhaps this is not supposed to show the revolution of the people against tsar and the royal family, but rather against the people that were currently in power (Nikita Khrushchev)

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