Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Rosselhoznador transit through Russia has banned poultry shipments from Germany and USA.  The employees of Rosselkhoznadzor banned transit through the territory of Russia with 375 tons of poultry meat from the United States.  Also, shipments have stopped of 420 tons of poultry from Germany into Uzbekistan.  According to the agency, in the veterinary certificates, Unites States lacked information on epizootic welfare exit-site production, as well as its safety and suitability of food.  Furthermore, production date does not match the information found in certificates.  As for the German meat, the physical inspection revealed that part of the boxes have the labels missing.  On the other part of boxes, it was applied in such a way that opening the packages will be impossible without compromising its ingtegrity.  In August, Russia decided on an embargo on the supply of food products from the United States, Canada, Australia, EU Member States and some other countries.  This decision was taken in response to the tightening of EU sanctions related to the Ukranian conflict.

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