Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Korean Pop in Russia

 The Korean Wave has spread world wide and Russia has also been soaked. The Korean wave also known as the Hallyu is the spread of Korean pop culture around the world. It is most popular with High schoolers and college age students. The Korean wave has been in Russia for a while but 2011 it grew. Kpop dance festivles and other special Kpop events began to be hosted. There have also been multiple flash mobs around Russia of kpop dances.
 There have also been a great number of Russian kpop cover groups who have participated in Korean events. Many have came to win them as well.
Russia has grown so much that even the kpop companies have taken notice. Russia has hosted multiple concerts and even special events in which kpop idols perform and have meet and greets with fans.  There are even auditions for Russians who want to join the Korean Wave. There has yet to be a Russian to join it. Which has me personally looking forward to the day when it comes.

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