Thursday, September 11, 2014

Russians have quite a few weird superstitions pertaining to different days of the week.

Monday -
Russians believe that on monday you should NEVER start a new task! They also think that if you sneeze on monday you'll be receiving a gift later on in the week, and if you have visitors on monday, expect visitors every day of the week.

Tuesday -
Now is the time to make major changes in your life and to start new ventures. It’s a great day for travel too. The only time you should be really careful is Tuesday evening and only if you feel like you need to borrow some money.

Wednesday - 
If you were to move into a new house or apartment on a Wednesday you would have terrible luck in that place. 

Thursdays - 
Do whatever you need to get done without worries, but if you wake up before sunrise and wash your face you will be blessed with not only cleanliness but good health.

Friday - 
Only clean the house after mid-day on a Friday. Actually, nothing considered woman's work should be done on a Friday before mid-day.

Saturday - 
If you were to start doing something on a Saturday, you will do it every Saturday from there on out.

Sunday - 
Don't eat breakfast early on a Sunday, otherwise it will lead to tears. Also, if you make the mistake of clipping your toenails you are not only bound to lose money, but happiness. 

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Maria Gikas said...

I sneezed this morning and got a package notification from the post office about 3 minutes later...
Coincidence? I'd like to think so.