Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bears Getting Baked

There are brown bears in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve in Russias far East who are so addicted to sniffing jet fuel you can often find black bears passed out in the reserve laying in a "nirvana" position. There are over 700 brown bears in the Nature Reserve, considered to be the biggest bears in the world clocking in at over 1,200lbs. These bears will roll discarded barrels away to claim them as their own and take huge whiffs, and then dig a hole in the snow to pass out in. Some of these bears are so addicted they will stalk helicopters waiting for them to drop fuel or for some to leak out of the gas tanks for them to huff.A bear lies back in the 'nirvana' position in the snow after sniffing aviation fuelSuzemka rolls the barrel along the ground in the sanctuary to claim it as her own

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